Got brand loyalty?

Edgar and I attended an event last week (Founders Live at The Riveter in Seattle - it was great prep for when I have to get up on that stage for 99 seconds of pitching). Over a cup of boxed wine, I ended up in a discussion about why we are starting our app with groceries, when that's clearly the most difficult sector - for a variety of reasons. Finding accurate information about ingredients, sources, companies, parent companies - it's a huge undertaking. But it's necessary, we believe. 

Then it came to brand loyalty and how we choose what we buy and eat... 

When you go grocery shopping, how do you choose which brands you purchase? 

I ask a lot of people this question these days, which must make it super pleasant to talk to me :). Here's an answer from one of my good momfriends:

I try to buy local, organic, fair trade, politically progressive (the food producer), or low processed food - in that order of importance. However, I do need my kids to eat (especially in the car...sigh) so I sometimes end up with products that have extra packaging and more salt or sugar than I’d like.
— G.W.

We'd love to know:

How do you choose what brands do you buy, and do you have loyalty to certain brands? Why? 


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash