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What Nike did.

Recently Nike made Colin Kaepernick the face of its new marketing campaign.

The campaign includes an advertisement that is extremely powerful. Just watching it inspires viewers to go out and accomplish something incredible. However, what makes the advertisement special is that it provides Colin Kaepernick with a new platform for protesting police brutality against African Americans and has put this cause back in the spotlight.

I don’t remember the last time an advertisement was this polarizing.

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6 Spooooky value-based treats for Halloween!

Oscar Wilde once said, 'Everything in moderation, including moderation' - perfect for a time of year when we fill pillow cases with candy, dunk our heads into barrels of apples, and engage in all manner of costumed debauchery.

On a typical day, you probably wouldn't find yourself giving the go-ahead to your kids to cram a bunch of sugar into their faces after dark, but Halloween is very special (for children and the adults who sneak into their candy buckets to squirrel away choice pieces for secret enjoyment). 

Halloween is also a wonderful time to share your values with your entire neighborhood! It's easy to align your treats (maybe not your tricks) with your personal values, and even on Halloween, contribute to making the world a better more compassionate place for everyone. At least until the sugar crash.

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Helping Companies Take a Stand

You may have noticed that most companies have been slow to express outrage or provide counter messaging to the recent rise of right-wing extremist hate groups and the current US Administration’s non-denunciation of these groups. For the most part, the only companies that have taken any meaningful action are large tech companies, well insulated by their market positions.

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