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Got brand loyalty?

Edgar and I attended an event last week (Founders Live at The Riveter in Seattle - it was great prep for when I have to get up on that stage for 99 seconds of pitching). Over a cup of boxed wine, I ended up in a discussion about why we are starting our app with groceries, when that's clearly the most difficult sector - for a variety of reasons. Finding accurate information about ingredients, sources, companies, parent companies - it's a huge undertaking. But it's necessary, we believe. 

Then it came to brand loyalty and how we choose what we buy and eat... 

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Pain Points: Grocery Shopping Edition

A few months ago, I sent a list of exploratory questions to some excellent moms I know, and they were kind enough to send me answers promptly (which I then promptly let slip to the bottom of my inbox, buried under a bunch of other to-dos and go-dos and whatever else - but better late than never!).

I've been thinking today about pain points, challenges, things that come up that make our shopping experiences more difficult than necessary (for a whole host of very personal reasons). 

Here's the first question I asked:

What are your biggest challenges in terms of grocery shopping (besides having kids with you)? 

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