For people who give a sh*t!

That’s the tagline that flew out of my mouth during our first coaching call with Karen Kahn, founder of iFundWomen. We joked around about it, but that’s pretty much the thrust of this whole endeavor. Because there are a lot of people who give a sh*t, looking for ways to make a difference.

When we talk about what we’re aiming for, we talk about creating an online marketplace that helps people activate their everyday dollars through something most of us can’t avoid doing — buying stuff.


Why shopping?

I am a small business owner (I write copy and design websites). My husband is a business owner (he’s a general contractor). The two small boys that fill our house with noise and underfoot LEGOs require a lot of energy and time (and all of the love). We have never had a babysitter, and our families live too far for everyday help or spur-of-the-moment ‘could you watch the kids while I run a quick errand’ requests. Babysitters are expensive, and we’re often too tired for date nights anyway. We enjoy each other’s company.

We teach the boys about kindness to others and civil disobedience, but they’re not of an age where we would not lose our minds with worry should we take them to a march or rally, because they still think sneaking up on us (and away from us) is hilarious. We don’t have extra money to give as much as we want to the causes we care about — I give a bit to Planned Parenthood and he supports our local classical radio station, and I am a monthly supporter of One Bad Mother, the podcast that saved my life when I became a stepmother 3 years ago.

I know that our situation is not unique. I know and love a ton of people who have their plates so full with work and life that if they added one more thing, they’d collapse (might as well forget about the elusive self-care unicorn). The people I’m talking about care very deeply about what’s happening in the world around them — in terms of politics, the environment, equality and basic human rights — and they feel powerless in the face of such a massive mountain of important things. So they feel guilty also, because they want to contribute, but don’t know how. I’m there too. Bouncing between anger and depression and exhaustion and hopelessness takes its toll.

Guess what? We have to feed ourselves and our families.

In most situations, that means we have to go to the store — either in person or online. Which store, and what we buy — these are choices that can make a difference in this world, because some companies are better than others at driving towards positive change. Which brands stand up for what you care about? Do you know? If there’s a company you avoid, how would you find out if they’ve made giant, meaningful strides to be better? And what would it take to get you back as a customer after being heinous for decades?

This is the kind of transparent information that lives inside of Shop the Change, and I’m so excited for it to be completed because I’ve become an absolute spaz in the grocery store (and a very annoying shopping partner). And all it takes is a little thing called our iFundWomen crowdfunding campaign — the sooner we reach our goal, the sooner you can integrate it into your shopping routine.

Side note, we’re looking for brand champions — one for each of our 6 core values — and we’d love to hear your opinions on which companies are best at supporting:

  1. Racial Equality

  2. Women’s Rights

  3. LGBTQ+ Rights & Gender Equality

  4. Animal Welfare

  5. Environmental Responsibility

  6. Non-Exploitation

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