Pain Points: Grocery Shopping Edition

A few months ago, I sent a list of exploratory questions to some excellent moms I know, and they were kind enough to send me answers promptly (which I then promptly let slip to the bottom of my inbox, buried under a bunch of other to-dos and go-dos and whatever else - but better late than never!).

I've been thinking today about pain points, challenges, things that come up that make our shopping experiences more difficult than necessary (for a whole host of very personal reasons). 

Here's the first question I asked:

What are your biggest challenges in terms of grocery shopping (besides having kids with you)? 

See if any of these responses resonate with you (they definitely did with me!):

Honestly, the biggest challenge right now is going to just one or two stores for everything because my three year old is not especially bribable and/or cooperative. Now that he is in school, it will be easier...but I still can’t spend too much of my precious time on shopping when I need to be working.
— G.W.
I find that I am pretty skeptical when it comes to trusting companies to have my family’s best interest in mind but at the same time I struggle with what is considered healthy based on current trends. In the 80s, fats were considered horrible so fat was taken out of lots of foods and replaced with artificial foods. Now at the end of the day, is it better for our bodies to have fats or artificial foods? I don’t know the answer, and if I read something I have a hard time trusting it, so I do the worst thing possible and I just buy what tastes good, has decent nutritional value, few additives, and is good value for the price. It’s information overload!

On the less political side of things, the biggest challenge I have grocery shopping is choosing foods that are healthy for my family while not depriving them out of the enjoyment and socialization that food can bring. I have struggled with weight all my life and I don’t want my kids to have to do the same. Will what I put on the table and in their lunch boxes now affect their weight as adults? Additionally, my husband is from Italy and is a fantastic cook, so we have lots of carbs in our life. It’s hard to say no to a home cooked plate of real Italian pasta!
— S.B.
I am a bargain shopper so I bounce from store to store which isn’t always easy with kids or a tight schedule.
— M.S.

We would love to hear about your experiences - comment below with anything that makes shopping more difficult for you!


Photo by Mikkel Bech on Unsplash