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Meat Week: Animal Welfare

Clearly, we realize that when we talk about the welfare of animals in the same breath as value-based meat consumption, there's a bit of a disconnect.

If we were discussing absolutes, we'd have to say that someone who really cares about the welfare of animals simply wouldn't eat meat. But no one expects the world to work like that, and there are companies and certifying groups that are working diligently to lessen the discomfort and pain of animals that will be turned into food. 

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Meat Week!

Providing good guidance on consciously consuming meat is a tricky thing.

We know that this is a controversial and emotional subject.

And there's no way we can cover every nuance of it. But we'll spend the week on ways to align meat eating with personal values, and end with an interview with a wellness coach who can shed some light on nutritional values as well!

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