Meat Week!

Providing good guidance on consciously consuming meat is a tricky thing.

We know that this is a controversial and emotional subject.

And there's no way we can cover every nuance of it. But we'll spend the week on ways to align meat eating with personal values, and end with an interview with a wellness coach who can shed some light on nutritional values as well!

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A guide to value-based boozing

As I’ve gotten older, my drinking tastes and habits have changed, perhaps one could say they’ve matured. I now shy away from drinks I think might give me a headache after only one round (bottom-shelf tequila margarita), anything lit on fire, or served in a giant, plastic boot. With alcohol having such a profound impact on many of my experiences, I now consider whom I’m support with my imbibing choices in order to try to align them more closely with some of my personal values.

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How To'sEdgar Mason
Host a value-based 4th of July!

What if you had a conversation like this on the 4th of July?

“Hey, Uncle Jim, I’m glad you’re enjoying that beer. You know, it’s not only cold and refreshing, but the company that creates it provides healthcare to the partners of all its employees even if they aren’t in traditional male-female marriages ...

Doesn’t it taste even better now?”

Independence Day is one of those rare holidays that’s really about reveling in the fact that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves: a community of people who make up the United States of America. Regardless of whether or not we agree with political or international policies, the vast majority of us will get together with friends and family to eat, drink, and celebrate with things that sparkle and go boom.

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Edgar Mason
How it all started

It has been two years since I first began creating Project Simpatico.

That's pretty slow for a startup. In all honesty, the slog has involved much more about coming to grips with what I don’t know and finding the right people to take fill those roles than almost anything else.


I originally came up with the idea for this company about four years ago, while driving out to the beach to go surfing in Ghana. I had spent years working abroad as an international humanitarian and development worker, but was interested in progressing on. The friend I was traveling with was involved in determining motivations and trends for economic decision-making in local markets. We started talking about what values motivate people to make their purchasing decisions and would people alter these purchasing decisions if they could see their proximate effects.This became the initial premise for Project Simpatico.


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