Now is the time to use our purchasing power for social change. What if your online shopping platform could show you the brands that align with your values? 


When you Shop the Change, you can be sure that the money you spend is supporting the causes that you care about (and not the ones you don't).


Shop the Change is an eCommerce platform that provides instant access to transparent information about the companies behind our shopping lists. When we are able to consciously choose brands that meaningfully demonstrate their commitment to making the world a fairer, more equitable, safer place, we begin to change the status quo. 

How does it work?

  1. Think about your values. Search for the items you regularly purchase and, at a glance, see what the companies that produce them stand for. Compare, favorite, rate and review.
  2. Read the reviews of fellow members to learn about the quality of the item (perhaps the brand endeavors to lower carbon emissions, but the crackers taste like cardboard).
  3. Shop from your favorite online retailer directly from our app, or generate your value-based shopping lists and meal plans to take with you to the store.

This isn't about boycotting - it's about improving access to the information that helps us choose yes.


With access to information, we have the power to make conscious choices that change the shape of our world.




You care about how your purchases impact our world...

but you may not have the time or the space to research every single item in your shopping cart. We get that.


How do you decide what to feed yourself or your family on any given day? What if you care about fair trade, or farmer's rights, or racial equality, and how do you know what brands or companies support those issues as well?

How do we currently make choices that resonate with our values?

it's not easy.yet.but it's about to get easier.

Walking down the aisles at your local grocery store or shopping online at your favorite retailer, you may feel paralyzed by choice. You know that your dollars actively support the companies that make what you purchase - no matter what it is that they believe in. Do you choose Brand A, Brand B, or Generic? 

Basing our choices on cost is tricky too; sometimes the least expensive option will match best with your values, and sometimes a product that costs a few pennies more will go towards equal wages for women, or better educational opportunities for underrepresented populations in the United States, or environmentally responsible farming practices that will help reverse climate change. Small choices can add up to huge changes.

Participate in something that can change everything.


what's next?

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